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An easy to use NFT e-commerce platform to empower museums to create, manage, and promote NFT-based digital products, collections, and storefronts.




Momentable offers world-class education resources to guide and engage your collectors across their journey in the new world of NFTs. 

The Quick & Dirty Guide to NFTs

Learn NFTs in an afternoon.

Without spending countless hours deciphering tech jargon.

The NFT Cyber Security Playbook

Your ultimate best practice guide to stay safe from potential threats in an NFT dominated world.

What Can You Do When Someone Drops an NFT of Your Artwork?

Over the past year, many artists have complained that some of their artworks are being released as NFTs against their will...

5 Ways NFTs are Changing the Art World

Before NFTs, artists could only sell the physical copy of their work. With tokenization, they can sell digital artwork and they keep the ownership of the copyright to their...

Why Do We Collect?

Collecting is the ultimate human experience. It brings us together in surprising and interesting ways. Collectors collect because that is what we are programmed to do. It is in our DNA. It feeds...

Frequent questions

We realize NFTs are a new innovation and it's natural to have many questions.

If you a question, a suggestion, or comment, send us an email at info@nextdecentrum.com

Why should consider NFTs, why not just publish and sale regular digital products? 

While they are digital products, NFTs use blockchain technology which allows museums to sell unique digitized versions of artworks and artifacts while maintaining the ownership of the original.

Because they are programmable, NFTs allow museums to continue to earn royalties in perpetuity as items are traded and exchanged.

Anyone, anywhere, can buy NFTs, so Museums can build a global audience of digital collectors and enthusiasts. 

What are the core benefits of using NFTs?

Museums can capitalize on the new mediums, directions, and demand for NFTs to re-shape their future and positioning.

Using the flexibility and robust nature of NFTs museums can introduce bold new ideas and create sophisticated new experiences.

NFTs enable museums to grow and engage the community in unique and meaningful ways that align with their mission.

How do we deal with the environmental impact of NFTs?

We built Momentable on the Flow Blockchain which uses a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. Unlike the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism, used for the Ethereum Blockchain, PoS is not energy intensive, and therefore has very little impact on the environment.


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